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Open-source projects

Here's a selection of my open-source projects. For more, check out my Github profile, Github DataDudes's group and some answers on StackOverflow.

Hadoop tooling

  • Cornet - Command-line tool on top of Apache Sqoop to simplify ingestion of data from RDBMs to Hive
  • odata2avro - Command-line tool to convert OpenData XML from Microsoft MarketPlace to Apache Avro files
  • Impala REST API - Thin REST API for Impala with Redis caching (co-author)
  • wsdl2avro - Scala library to convert data types from a SOAP WSDL to Avro Schemas (advisor)
  • salesforce2hadoop - Import Salesforce data into Hadoop HDFS in Avro format (advisor)

Hadoop experimentation

Charge-point operator platform

  • ChargeGrid - Complete charge-point operator platform, build on Clojure, Docker and Microservices

Private Mint/PersonalCapital

I have built my version of Mint/PersonalCapital. The tool automatically downloads my bank account statements, merge them, clean them. On top of it, it provides insights about my spending and income in a MetaBase dashboard. Part of the pipeline is open-source:

  • AirBank-tx - Download bank account transactions AirBank.cz
  • ABNAmro-tx - Download bank account transactions from ABNAmro.nl
  • OV Chipkaart - Download OV Chipkaart travel history

Older projects, for fun

  • Random text detector - Automatic detector of random text based on inverse-document-frequency
  • Fractal generator - Generator of Mandelbrot and Julia fractals written in Scala. This was my first Scala code. Now, I'd write it very differently :)
  • Propsort - Sort your Java/Scala/Play properties file according to a given template