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My engineering tool belt

Here is my current engineering tool belt. I love these technologies and enjoy using them for work and open-source projects.

I also used the following:

  • SaltStack, Ansible & Vagrant for infrastructure automation (I prefer cloud-based solutions instead of automating in-house infrastructure)
  • React Native for mobile app prototyping

There are also technologies that I used in the past but, I do not enjoy working with anymore (reason in brackets):

  • Angular & Backbone for JavaScript frameworks (prefer React)
  • Play (prefer single-page-apps with REST APIs)
  • C# / VS (found it cumbersome compared to my current tool belt)
  • Java/J2EE (too verbose)
  • C++ (prefer Scala/Clojure for their functional programming)
  • PHP (prefer Python for dynamically typed languages)

* Hadoop is an exception. I don't love working with Hadoop. It is a cumbersome beast that requires high maintenance. I prefer simpler solutions where possible and turn to Hadoop only as a last resort.