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Here's whom I have worked for in the past. I prefer modern tech-stacks, and I contribute if needed.

Big Data Lead at AirFrance/KLM E&M

2016 Q3 - now, Amsterdam (contract)

"Marcel did an excellent job in boosting our new Big Data team on Predictive Maintenance here at KLM. Right from the start, Marcel showed great technical skill, involvement, and enthusiasm. Eager to perform and coach the people around him, he kick-started our initial efforts and helped us deliver Prognos - Big Data platform for predictive maintenance analysis."
Wouter Kalfsbeek, Big Data Project Manager at AirFrance/KLM

Leading a team of data-scientists and ETL developers to bring the Prognos platform to live. Setting up Hadoop & Spark infrastructure and industrializing predictive maintenance models for high-risk airplane components.

I broadened technical knowledge in Spark, strengthened my technical-lead and project-management muscle and exposed myself to specialized predictive maintenance analytical models.

The Prognos platform is of high importance for the strategic direction of AF/KLM, see the press-release from KLM/AirFrance CEO. Also, here's a promotional video:

Big Data Instructor at BrightSolutions

2016 Q4 - 2017 Q1, London (contract)

Delivering tailored, hands-on training about Introduction to Hadoop and BigData.

I strengthened my training skills and discovered more Big Data use-cases.

"Marcel was able to answer questions with full extent and ensured they were answered and understood completely."

"Good communication of highly technical issues in understandable language."

"Flexible course regarding subjects discussed, good interactive sessions."

"Understandable technical explanation, covered every topic in BigData and many real-life Hadoop use-cases."

Here's a picture from a 3-day training, given in London to folks from Inmarsat (the leading global provider of satellite internet): bright

Senior Engineer at Universit

2015 Q3 - 2016 Q2, Amsterdam (contract)

Lifting software maturity. Introducing continuous-delivery, peer code reviews, micro-services, automated deployments. Docker, Python, Azure

Big Data Engineer at NewMotion

2014 Q4 - 2015 Q2, Amsterdam

Delivering on-premise data warehouse, including ETL & data cleaning to reach a single source of truth, selection of BI-tooling and Hadoop cluster maintenance. Technologically, I dived into Cloudera Hadoop, Impala, advanced SQL, Spark, Scala, Python.

This was a peak of my open-source efforts, delivering most of my Hadoop-related GitHub projects.

Also, I spread SQL/Hadoop knowledge via internal training. Together with business, helped define driving KPIs, cohorts, and reports.

As of Q2 2017, the data warehouse is still in place, functional and the cluster is being used daily for automated reporting and for on-demand analytics by a team of BI analysts.

Senior Scala Engineer at NewMotion

2014 Q4 - 2015 Q2, Amsterdam (full-time)

I helped to lift software engineering maturity: micro-service architecture with Docker, migration to AWS, systems provisioning with Salt Stack, migrating to React.

I helped to adopt the hacker-culture and was promoting 12-factor-app principles.

Also, I heavily improved my skills in functional programming (especially in Scala, also some Clojure), since I was surrounded by one of the best Scala teams in Netherlands.

I was leading engineering efforts on a highly-requested feature: remotely start/stop a charging session from an app. This feature has been delivered and introduced by the Country Manager at CNBC News (around 2:00)


Solo-founder of a failed startup

2013 Q3 - 2014 Q2, Prague (full-time)

Learnt the hard way that products should be built in a lean way. Also, learnt about product development, incl. business plans, UX principles, getting funding, customer interviewing. Technically, I dived deep into front-end development, NodeJS and NoSQL.

This was overall a great learning experience. This and the management consulting projects taught me the value of business-first approach in engineering.

Management Consultant at A.T. Kearney

2012 Q1 - 2013 Q1, Bukurest, Istanbul, Prague (full-time)

Operational optimization and M&A projects for international utility and transportation companies in CEE region. I led client teams with 3-10 members and coordinated daily with the top management.

I learnt project management skills, communication skills and gained the high-impact/work-smart attitude.


  • Improved call center service level by 30% via analysis of incoming customer requests
  • Defined KPIs and reporting for a major CEE utility, KPIs covering 7 departments with 1k+ FTEs
  • Co-delivered a model to forecast value of a major EMEA utility for a privatization bid

Image Processing Researcher at ETH Zurich

2009 - 2010, Zurich (full-time)

Research in the field of medical image processing. I developed a novel approach for fully automatic and fast segmentation of femur bones from 3D CT datasets.

Segmentation example

I learnt the hard-way the garbage-in/garbage-out principle and discovered that visualization is king in data engineering.

My work has been acknowledged by the medical image analysis community, with a publication (paper pdf, thesis pdf) accepted and presented at an oral session at the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (2011), one of the prime conferences in the field.

"Confronted with the challenge of performing large scale evaluation and comparison studies, Marcel proved to be an organized and skilled developer, able to tackle with computationally intensive problems and optimizing his programs for run speed. ...Marcel displayed excellent capabilities both for scientific research or software engineering. I particularly appreciated his scientific skills as well as his autonomy." Read Complete
Dr. Remi Blanc, supervisor

Unix Scripting Instructor at Charles University

2007, Prague (part-time)

Firsts steps in giving training. I learnt that preparation and focus on students is crucial.

I taught Unix fundamentals and Bash scripting tricks to a group of 25 university freshmen. Included practices for a clean and reusable code to the lessons.

Java Developer at 1.PF

2005-2009, Prague (part-time)

My first job as a software engineer.

This was a great starting experience. I developed enterprise web applications for Daimler Chrysler, Merck Sharp & Dohme, and ERSTE Bank. We extensively used Java J2EE and Oracle/PSQL.

Later, after approx 2 years, I lead a project for the first time - a team of two junior developers, driving efforts in unit-testing and clean-code.

Also, for 2 months, I was maintaining a legacy Perl web app :)